Due to the increasing demand for our funeral services, Elie and Sons has decided to set up a new department, Elie and Sons Funeral Suppliers for the production of its own coffins, caskets and every related product. Since 2013, year of its incorporation, Elie and Sons Funeral Suppliers is continually striving to provide the very best service and expertise meeting clients’ exigencies in regard to coffins and caskets.

Elie and Sons Funeral Suppliers which is situated at MCCF building, Plaine Lauzun covers a working area of 612 square metres. On the cutting edge of carpentry and joinery technology Elie and Sons Funeral Suppliers is committed to provide a reliable service and produce approximately three hundred coffins per month.

Our aim is to constantly review and improve our products to ensure that they meet the specifications and requirements of our local clients and in a very near future the regional market with countries like Rodrigues, South Africa and Reunion island.

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