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Client testimonials

Angelique has been very helpful, cooperative and understanding. She has attended to all our queries even after her working hours.

Sunita Gopee    July 27, 2021  

Service impeccable
Sonia nous a été d’une grande aide et d’un grand soutien
Suite au décès de mon père ma maman et moi etions un peu perdues et on ne savait pas quoi faire exactement dans ces circonstances
Sonia a tout pris en main et nous a soulagés d’un gros stress
Merci beaucoup et meme pendant la veillée tout le monde a été tres gentil

Annick Carmagnole    June 21, 2021  

Remerciements pour le bon service professionnel Merci beaucoup

Cyril Wu Kwok Kin    June 20, 2021  

Elie and Sons has been prompt and so helpful after the death of our father. They took less than 30 mins to meet us at the Hospital when we called them in the middle of the night. Special thanks to Sylvain who advised us brilliantly on the course of action in this time of lockdown restrictions. He has been a real guide, discrete and efficient, on whom we could rely on in this moment of pain. We could focus on our mourning.

Olivier and Nadine Comarmond    June 5, 2021  

No need to testify or write long comments. These will not and can never do them justice. You need to EXPEREIENCE the Elie & Sons services to know what they are made of!!
Kudos to Didier, once you met him you know why Elie & Sons is the best....

Jonathan Maurer Masson    June 3, 2021  

We were taken by surprise on Saturday morning when we heard that my father had just a couple more hours to live. We had made no arrangements for burial and had no idea what or how to do. I called Elie and Sons and within a few minutes a representative called me, within 30 mins she was at the hospital, and my dad's body was taken away. Ornella was very respectful and helpful in her service and was always available to my endless questions, even through the night. Thank you Elie & sons for your wonderful services which allowed us to grieve and say goodbye in peace.

Pascale Doorgah    May 25, 2021  

I would like to thank all the Elie and sons team for the good service.All the Hindu ritual were respected with good care. All sanitary measures were taken. Our family was impressed by the professionalism of the team . I would highly recommend this company.

Nandita Gopaul    May 10, 2021  

Je tiens personellement a remercier et feliciter l'equipe d Elie & Sons pour son organisation lors des obseques de ma tante Therese.Le professionalisme etait vraiment au rendez vous.Bravo et merci encore.

Maryline Toinette    May 5, 2021  

Les familles Laxade, Toinette et Turenne remercient chaleureusement Elie and Sons pour l'organisation des funerailles de Therese Phaesie survenue le 5 Avril 2021. Nous tenons a exprimer notre profonde reconnaissance pour le professionalisme de l'equipe surtout Ornella qui nous a accompagne dans ces moments difficiles. Merci aussi a l'equipe de la chapelle ardente,les white ladies et Stephanie Cerdor(pour les chants a l'eglise) qui ont assure le service d'une facon impeccable. Dans cette difficile epreuve de la vie qu'est la perte d'un etre cher,le soutien d'Elie and Sons a ete tres apprecie. Merci encore.

Jane Laxade    May 4, 2021  

Dear Team,

I want to thank you for the service given to my family for the funeral of the triplets of my brother Gary and wife Anais Antoine(SLIMANE,ALIANA and KY-MANI).
Specially to Stephane,who has been with us since Monday 19 April to Saturday 24 April 2021.
He has helped us in all steps of the funeral.HATS OFF.Dedicated employee and very professional mindset.Go extra miles for us.I am very thankful to him.
The service has been very smart.
A little thanks also for the two ladies of your company who were here also. They have been very helpful also.
I wish your company lots of success in the future and god bless you all.

Jean Francois Antoine    April 24, 2021