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Merci a toute l'équipe pour tt ce que vs avez fait lors de decés de ma mere 14.02.2022. Un an deja!

Aurelie Rouget Domingue    March 10, 2023  

I wish here to thank Elie and Sons for the incredible service I was given on that horrible day when my father left us. I wish to convey my special and heartfelt thank you to Stephan Valere for the tremendous support he gave me from the first minute I called Elie and Sons on that morning of the 1st January. He took up from there and allowed me to be with my father.
I did not have to worry about a single thing.Stepham handled everything with such professionalism but most of all with a Great humanity. I thank you again. And thank you to Sylvain for his support too at the Chapel.Kurcy, Daniel, Jonathan, Laval, Nicolas, Dartagnan and Jean Marc. Everything was absolutely perfect.

Marie Noelle Caliste    January 10, 2023  

Goodafternoon i wish to thank everybody who has help me during thé death of my father Allan joseph Eole on thé 28 of novembre 2022 at baie du cap. .everything pas very perfect and well
done service spécial to some one mrs who has taking immediately contact with me on time and she has provide to me all information needed.big thank toi all thé team
Rudolf Eole

Louis rudolf eole    December 9, 2022  

We thank you for the excellent service you provided. A special thanks to Sonia who helped us very early on a Sunday morning.

Louis Mefflin    November 1, 2022  

hello just wanted to say big thankx to the very proffesional team its my 2nd experience with Elie n son and this 2nd time was just perfect. as from my call @ 2hr am to Mr Mathieu n team who came immediately n to the day after to the cemetry everythg was perfect....vraiment une trankiliter desprit....thkx again to the tean n mr Mathieu on tuesday 16 August keep it up guys. 👍👍

Changkye veronique    August 20, 2022  

Through our healing process after losing both parents within a 6 months period .
I can’t omit to thanks Elie and Sons for their outstanding service from first call to End of Cérémony with burial at Cemetery.
Special mention to Arasen who deserves a special recognition as his words and attitude tampered efficiently these so hard reality .
Also Sylvain is a real asset at La Chapelle Ardente.
I would like mention Jeffrey too who was our first contact in January and prove himself well.
Dignity was respected with white ladies and men carrier for Dad.
And The choirs,Linley and Carolane and Danny and Stephanie are just amazing .
Thanks loads to whole team .
Julius Oliver Marco

Julius Oliver Marco    July 15, 2022  

Dear all Elli&Son Team thank you so much how good service you provide me for my dad funeral all went fine smoothly, especially a hige big thank you to Mr Arasen who took everything in charge from start to end and he had great communication skill ,he make us feel comfortable and didn't make us feel anything trouble ,his a super guy and very good in what he does ,he has very good communication skill ,good mannerisms .you are very grateful to have great people in your company..thank you once more .regards Tara Toofaneeram daughter of Mr late Beegoo

Tara Toofaneeram    July 8, 2022  

I would like to thank the Ellie and Sons' team, especially Stéphane, for their professionalism and the prompt services provided for the funeral of my father. My family and I deeply appreciate how empathetic the team was throughout this challenging time.

Asha    June 23, 2022  

The staff of Elie and Sons, especially Stéphanie, have promptly provided all assistance required to organise the cremation of a closed family member. We thank the team for their professionalism and support given.

Asha Gopee    June 23, 2022  

Thank you to Elie & Sons' team for the excellent service provided for the funeral of my cousin vanilla telcide. Special thank you to Arasen for the professionnal approach and the efforts to have the funeral in the best possible way. Great team. Well done

Gloria Botte    June 14, 2022